An Update On My Resolutions

By late January I'd lost 6 pounds (more than my goal of one pound per week, yay!) and was feeling fantastic about the way my body was looking. But then my grandfather died, I came back to a really stressful work situation, and I just started stress eating. And I'm having a really hard time stopping. With all the Valentine's cake and candy it's been really hard to say "no."

I can see the difference in my skin and feel the difference in my body. I feel less energetic, my skin is breaking out, and I feel bloated and nasty all the time. You'd think that would be enough to make me put down the chocolate.

With the start of February I began my second resolution, making my relationship with HB a little more romantic. We brought back the weekly date night, and we ALWAYS go to Tavola because HB doesn't have a reaction to the food. Last weekend there was a 2-hour wait time so we went to Mudhouse for coffee first. It's been really nice and really fun.

We've also started sitting at the table for dinner. Since we only eat together 4 out of every 8 nights, I feel like it's important to maximize that time together.

And, because I get OCD about things and like learning, I have been reading as many marriage books as I can. I started with The Secret Lives of Wives, which was TERRIBLE. Then I read The Five Languages of Love, which was FANTASTIC. Yesterday I picked up another book from the library, so we'll see...

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