Sunday Weigh-In (a day late)

I'm doing my Sunday Weigh-In today because I hate trying to blog on the kindle and figured I'd just wait until I got to work.

Yesterday morning when I hopped on the scale I weight 159! This wasn't that big of a surprise because I've been there for a few days (the Saturday date night to Tavola didn't help either) but it's still so exciting to make progress. I'm starting to see the difference in my clothes and starting to fit into some of my old stuff! A few more pounds and I'll have to stop wearing some of my clothes.

The best meal of the week had to be dinner at Tavola. HB and I split the burrata with pesto and sun dried tomatoes and I had the breaded eggplant with marina, ricotta, and mozzarella (my usual). It was fabulous and a nice treat after not having dairy at all this month.

I can feel the difference after one night of not eating perfect though. I've been feeling so energetic and healthy but Sunday/today I feel a little bit run down. I think I'm battling a cold but I'm also blaming the food. Back to salads and fruit today!

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