Goodbye Spinachmobile

Today we are buying a new car. I'm pretty excited because for the past few months my car hasn't been reliable. Most of the time HB can fix the problem with minimal effort, but whatever is going on now may mean it's dead. 

Even though we haven't taken it to the mechanic yet, we don't plan on spending more than a couple hundred to fix it, and have decided we need a reliable car. While this is great, I am feeling a little nostalgic about getting rid of the Spinachmobile (the name my friends gave it because of the I <3 Spinach bumper sticker I have). 

This is my brother when he was little. Whenever I came home he would run outside and come sit in the car with me and pretend to drive. Until the day I turned the car on and it scared him so much that he might ACTUALLY have to drive it that he cried and screamed, "No Sarah!"
My car and I have a lot of fond memories together. It was the first car I owned, and I feel like when you are young and don't have a place of your own, your car becomes your "place." This was the car I drove up to college with my mom in. This was the car that I sat in overlooking the beach smoking cigarettes with friends (don't worry, I don't smoke anymore!). The car my cat and I drove across country in. This car has driven from San Diego up to Seattle, from California to Virginia.

My sister and I in Las Vegas

I also feel like it signals a change for me in my life. If we decide to have kids, the car we buy today will probably be the car I cart them around in. As an adult, I probably won't put a bunch of bumper stickers on the back. The new car won't be just my car to pick the style I like but a car we both like. It's the official end of me being young and reckless, the last thing I have from that part of my life (except the tattoos, which are there for life).

So goodbye Spinachmobile. It was fun while it lasted. 

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  1. Very cute! You guys look beautiful! I sure make some good lookin kids