Stress and Life

Part of the reason I set up my resolutions the way I did was because I knew I could only handle one resolution at a time. I wanted to improve my life and a teeny tiny bit per month sounded like the way to go.

But what about when one resolution is too much? This past month has been so stressful that I feel like I don't even have time for that much. I'm so exhausted that I just come home and watch bad TV. Bad because I've ran out of decent shows to watch. I just want something on in the background to zone out to.

I feel like I'm not the only one feeling this way. A lot of the women I work with are feeling similarly. Maybe it's the changing of the seasons? Maybe we are all rubbing stress off on each other?

I know that I just have to stick to trying to reach my goals. Eating healthy and exercising will give me more energy. Date nights are going to get me out of the house and improve my mood. And in March my resolution is to have more fun.

Whenever I'm feeling stressed, I reach for the comfort food. Unfortunately, this month I went dairy-free for some health reason. I don't have to be perfect, so I've decided that I can have cheesecake occasionally, small portions of the desserts I make at home, and a small amount of parmasean on my pasta.

So to comfort myself this weekend I made the biggest bowl of spaghetti possible. It's my favorite food ever. :)

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