Spa Day

This week I've been thinking about what "fun" might mean. I think I have to throw out the idea that fun has to involve doing something high-energy and might involve anything I find enjoyable. So today I decided to do something I enjoy - get my nails done!

Since moving to Charlottesville I've had a lot of problems trying to find somewhere to get my nails done. Some places are dirty, others people go to fast and do a bad job, and some don't listen. I decided to try Happy Nails up on the 29 and I'm so glad I did! I finally discovered a place that is clean, gives a great pedicure, and knows how to put on a set of acrylic nails. They went really slow, which visibly bothered some people who were there, but I didn't mind. I'd rather them go slow and do a good job. Besides, it's more time for me to relax.

One thing I like about getting my nails done is that it's some sort of "primping" that HB doesn't hate. HB hates when girls wear too much makeup, do too much to their hair, wear too much perfume, wear lip gloss, etc. So sometimes I find it hard to get a little dolled up. But he likes the acrylic nails and the pedicures. So it's my excuse to get them as often as possible :).

When I was at Happy Nails, they were showing damage from the tornadoes on the TV screen, and it made me realize how lucky I am. Sure, we all have problems, some bigger than others, but I just felt thankful and sorry for those that lost everything.

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